About Delivery and Returns

About a delivery of a product

Shipment of a product

If it is domestic shipping (in Japan), Products you ordered will be sent by Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
If it is international shipping, Products you ordered will be sent by Japan Post Co., Ltd.

  • * You cannot choose a delivery company.
  • *Please note that since our first priority is to complete the delivery, the delivery company might be subject to changed to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • * You cannot pick up your package at the office of the delivery companies.
  • * Delivery of netprint products are accepted only in Japan. (We can ship netprint products to the area only in Japan.)
  • * Regarding the international shipment, destinations are restricted to the area that are in the delivery zone of the delivery company.

After the shipment process is completed, we will send you an email from that tells you that "The product is shipped today". Slip number is written on that email, so if you want to change the receiver's address or delivery date, or if you want to make an inquiry that the package does not arrive, please check the slip number and inquire the delivery company.

 Delivery Status

If the product could not be shipped from us for some reason, there might be a case that your order is cancelled. In such case, our customer support will contact you.

Delivery Date

Though it depends on the delivery area and order time, it will take about two to seven business days after your order is completed. Soon after the procedure of the shipment is completed, we will notify you the delivery datetime through an email. Delivery date might be different between each items, so please check them in the product page before you make an order.

By any chance the product does not arrive even after five days of the shipment, please inquire of us from "customer support".

* Please note that in the case of international shipping(outside of Japan), depending on the shipping location, delivery can be longer than domestic shipping within Japan.

Delivery Fee

Delivery charge is the same all over Japan: 550 JPY (Tax included) per order : Net print is 770 JPY (Tax included) per order.

  • * If you order multiple times, we cannot pack everything together. Delivery fees will be charged to each orders.

In the case of international shipping(outside of Japan), an international shipping fee will be charged separately in addition to the fee indicated above. Regarding details of international shipping fees, please see this page.
Payment of international shipping: 500JPY(tax NOT included) +international shipping fee

Case that the product was returned because of your long-term absence

If the product already shipped is returned to our company because of your long-term absence, etc., we will keep it for 14 days after the shipment. If 14 days have passed, we will despose it.

If you refuse to accept, be absent for long-time, and order for reshipment multiple times, we might limit your use of our service and decline your order. Please make sure to receive your ordered products.

About Cancel, Return and Replace

Products sold in our website are based on order production which make a print on items. Therefore, we do not accept either the cancellation of your order or return and replacement of the product because of the customers' personal preferences.

However, we will accept return and replace it the product was judged to be inferior because of our company's responsibility.

If you wish to return or replace, please read the note below and please conact us through email or phone call within eight days of the arrrival of the product.
Please be careful that we might not accept the return or replace after eight days have passed after you received the product.

Conditions for Return and Replacement

Products sold in our website are based on order production, so we will accept to return and replace it the product was judged to be inferior because of our company's responsibility. For defective products, we will accept return of the product as cash on delivery, and then we will replace with the non-defective product or refund upon your request. Please contact us through email or phone call. Our company will pay delivery fees caused by the return of the defective products and the replace of a non-defective product.

We will print the data we received as it is, so we won't execute any color correction.
Therefore, we won't accept your opinions and requests about the color of the print. We appreciate your understanding.

Refund for the Return

We will refund all amounts of your payment if the cause of the refund is our responsibility.