About Copyright and Related Rights

Please be careful of copyright and related rights, trademarks and so on when you register your contents (data, documents, photographs, images, letters and so on). Basically, cartoon characters are protected by copyright and related rights, corporate logos are protected by trademarks so those cannot be used without permission of those rights holders. Please note that regarding troubles caused by using such contents, SKIYAKI Inc. shall not in any way be liable for it.

Upon using services of SKIYAKI GOODS, many of you might not understand what violate copyright and related rights and portrait rights. Below, though these are just all we investigated, we listed how copyrights are treated and what are its important points.

About Lyrics and Phrases of Songs

Regardless of the length of the lyric of the song, we have to obtain the permission from the writer as far as we can tell that the part of the lyric is that particular song. After obtaining permission from the writer, if the song is managed by JASRAC, you must obtain permission from JASRAC, too. However, if the writer permit you to use the lyric freely, you neither have to ask JASRAC from permission nor pay the charge. Please note that you have to follow this step of obtaining permissions even if it is only for personal use.

About Altered Photograph and Parody of Famous Celebrities and TV Personalities' Design

By creating such designs, unless fans won't hurt and if they really wish to support the celebrities and TV personalities, they sometimes give a silent approval or sometimes even support such activities. Such designs are not allowed to use under normal circumstances, but if the reason for the usage is just to support the the celebrities and TV personalities, there is a possibility that the celebrities and TV personalities permit it. Though not all the celebrities and TV personalities' agents and offices are the same, if you are an enthusiastic fan of him/her, how about fairly ask the agent or office that you want to use the design? If the office denied, then you will ask again to what extent you can use it.

About Things that have (C) mark

(C) mark is used for the products to express its copyright and related rights. So, as a general rule, you have to obtain permission if you want to use something which have (C) mark. However, it does not mean that you can use anything just because it does not have (C) mark. It is secure for you to obtain permission from authors of every productions in the world. Therefore, please obtain permission from the author of the product before you register such contents with SKIYAKI GOODS.

About Things that have R mark and TM mark

R mark is put on things that are registered the trademark. TM mark is put on things that are either on the process of the application of the trademark or things do not have any trademarks. Therefore, everything that has R mark are not allowed to use.

About Characters

There are a lot of famous characters such as Disney characters (including Mickey Mouse), Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Such characters are precious properties of rights and licenses holders. You cannot register them with this website without a license or permission from rights and licenses holders. Even if the character is not famous, you have to obtain a permission from the one who has its copyright and related rights.

About Portrait Rights (Portrait Photographs, etc.)

There are no express provisions about portrait rights in Japanese law. But there is a judical precident regarding this matter exists and every single people has their portrait rights. Therefore, please register photographs that are personally identifiable after obtaining permission from the person himself/herself.

About Portrait Rights of Animals (Animal Photographs, etc.)

Not only dogs and cats but also all animals do not have portrait rights. Therefore, you can register the picture of animals you took with this website. However, if the photo was taken by someone else, of course there exists copyright and related rights owned by the photographer, so you have to obtain a permission from him/her. If the animal itself is famous, another right called the publicity right occurs, so you can't use photographs of it without a permission from the owner of the animal.

About a Portrait(a Portrait Paint, a likeness)

Copyright and related rights for a portrait are belong to the painter. So there is no problem for you to register it if it is your work. However, if the portrait is so lifelike that one can easily tell who is the model, you should be careful not to defame him/her. You also should make sure to him/her that you are not uploading for commercial purpose. We recommend you to ask for permission from the model.

About Posters and Flyers

It seems OK to scan and printout the design only for personal use, but it is not allowed to distribute to someone else even if it is for free. If you want to do this kind of thing, we recommend you to obtain permission. And even for personal use, it is not allowed to use the posters and flyers that are containing characters which have their licenses.